Overboard (Series)

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Television Series


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22 minutes

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When two idealistic best friends are seduced by the lavish lifestyle while working on a luxury
cruise ship, they realize that they can do more for their passengers…for a price.


OVERBOARD is the story of two down-and-out best friends, CONNIE (25) and ZOE (24), who
lose their dream jobs at Save The Whales (a fictitious Greenpeace-type organization). The
thought of working 9-5 jobs is not an option for these vegetarian, pacifist adventure seekers.
They’re yearning to get back on the water and through a friend secure the “perfect” jobs as social
hostesses on a luxury cruise ship.

The promises of the cruise industry are realized as they experience a taste of the “good life.”
However, the more they taste, the more they want. They eventually become seduced by the
extravagant lifestyle of the passengers, but see no way to close the gap, until that one fateful day,
when everything changed.

After a passenger is accidentally lost at sea with seemingly no concern, investigation or
repercussions, CONNIE and ZOE hatch a plan to start a covert “concierge” service. Realizing
that their ship is Liberian-flagged and spends weeks in International waters, anything and
everything is possible…for a price. Their service mantra hides in plane sight, “Throw your
problems Overboard” and that’s exactly what they do for their clients.

Michael E. Cimilyan, William Lucas